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Emily's Way Project 2015: Honoring Emily with Art

This year we honored Emily with one of the things she loved most--art. Several of her paintings and drawings were hung along a corridor leading to the Ceramics Studio in the Palo Alto Art Center. Also on display were many of her works of pottery, jewelry, knitting, and crochet, as well as booklets she made for school, for others, and for fun. Captions providing background stories were included alongside many of the pieces. 

The Ceramics Studio at the Palo Alto Art Center is now dedicated to Emily, as designated by a plaque near the entrance to the Ceramics Studio space.

We dove into clay in the ceramics studio--with guidance from Art Center instructors Malia and Ivan--and made platters of many shapes, sizes, and patterns. This was a get-your-hands-full-of-clay activity truly in the spirit of Emily. 

We also assembled 60 art kits for the girls of East Palo Alto's Girls to Women program. The kits included supplies for making watercolor note cards, inspired by cards that Emily made. 

We would like to extend special thanks to the Palo Alto Art Center, for providing their wonderful location for this event. Thanks to Karen Kienzle and Dori Ives for help in planning; Fanny Retsek for spending hours painstakingly hanging Emily's framed art; Rick for opening up early on a Saturday and helping with set-up; Malia and Ivan for guiding us in the clay art activity; and Sharon Fox for help with creating a dedication plaque. As always, the Cain family was there en force helping with planning and set-up--thank you! And thanks to: Jane Woodward for introducing us to folks at the Art Center; Peggy Propp for being on-site photographer on Jan 2nd; and to Jane, Peggy, Julie, and Jill for their ongoing support as we find ways to honor Emily. 


Girls from Girls to Women graciously and enthusiastically received art kits as well as a donation for purchasing additional art supplies. 

Art kits ready for delivery to Girls to Women. Guests at the Honoring Emily with Art event assembled 60 art kits that were delivered to the  Girls to Women  program in East Palo Alto. 

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