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Video from Emily's Memorial

This video has a montage of video clips of Emily starting with part the "dance party for Isabel" she posted up on Facebook. 

WashU Memorial for Emily

This video has a montage of photos and video clips of Emily.

I Have Confidence in Confidence

Emily travelling in Austria with Sahana and Anna near the site of the Von Trapp home in the Sound of Music.

Emily Prom

Emily avoids falling down the stairs as she comes down wearing her prom dress.

Emily in the Kitchen

Summer before college hanging out in the kitchen with sisters and sisters' friends.

Emily and Isabel Singing "Our Song"

Emily plays guitar and Isabel sings harmony.

Emily with Paige (our chicken)

Emily experimenting with holding our chicken upside down.

Emily and Lisa Tickle Wars

This is from Parent's Weekend when Lisa and Darrell flew out to visit Emily at WashU.

Emily Telling a Story

Emily at the dinner table telling a story about an outing with her grandmother "CynCyn".

Emily and Darrell - Go Bears

On vacation in Mexico.

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