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In this section we've posted a few of our memories with Emily. Please contribute any memories you would like to share here as well.

Early Writings (and drawings)

One of Emily’s strong points right away was language and fine motor skills. Her first word was “balloon,” which sounded like “Ugung!” but we knew what she meant because she could draw it. Here is something I wrote in a baby journal I was keeping for her, on Tuesday September 6, 1994. She was 19 months old:


I'm a title

And here is a picture of a balloon she drew on a piece of construction paper:

At Emily’s 3-year check up at the doctors’s office, we sat there as Dr. Judith Murphy asked how Emily was doing in general. I told her that she was doing great, and that she had started writing names. Dr. Murphy said, “Emily, would you like to write something for me?” and she gave Emily a piece of paper and a pen, and Emily wrote for her:



Post a Memory of Emily

For some reason she wrote her “y”s with a certain, flying, flair.


A few months later, when she was 3 and 8 months, she was drawing pictures of all of us in her family, and labeling with our names. She even seemed to know that Maya was coming, even though that would be almost two years later!

Purple Scary Monster


Some kids don’t have strong opinions.


Not Emily. She knew what she wanted from Day One.


It was October of 1995. Emily was two (and three quarters, as she would say…), and she was attending Parents’ Nursery School in Palo Alto. The kids were supposed to come to school dressed in their Halloween costumes for a parade around the school yard, and one of the art activities for the day was going to be to make a mask. Most kids were a princess or a witch or a super hero. Emily got it into her head that she wanted to be a Purple Scary Monster (maybe from the book Where the Wild Things Are…), and she had definite ideas about how to make the costume. She wanted to dress in her purple feetsy pajamas, add claws, and then make the mask at school.  Here she is, before and after she made the mask.

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