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This year we honored Emily by helping Comfort Farms, a place that helps veterans recovering from the trauma of combat learn sustainable farming skills. 

Read the story of how we found Comfort Farms and chose to support this cause.

Comfort Farms' number one need is for a new tractor which will cost about $25,000. Thanks to the generosity of friends and family, we raised $15,000 to go along with $12,500 from the Emily Benatar Foundation, and on February 11th we presented Jon Jackson--who started Comfort Farms--with a check for $27,500.

In addition to the donation, we wanted to contribute something art-related that we could create as a community of family and friends of Emily. When we asked Jon what might be needed on the farm, he suggested tiles painted with a butterfly theme to help bring color and meaning to a fire pit area he is having built for gatherings and "fire pit therapy."


Read about what inspired Jon to suggest a butterfly theme.  


So we came together at the Palo Alto Art Center on December 23rd and painted almost 100 tiles with images related to butterflies. The tiles are now at Comfort Farms, and will be integrated into the fire pit area.

We are grateful to all of our family and friends who helped with this endeavor, and to Jon Jackson and his network of support for helping veterans.

Emily's Way 2016: Vets to Farmers

Jon Jackson and his friend Melissa with butterfly tiles at Comfort Farms.

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