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Some of Emily's Favorite Dishes

Mom's Baked Chicken 

This is really easy, and Emily loved it and requested it. (Anna thinks that all we eat is chicken but that is not true. But it is true that Emily decided to become a vegetarian when she was about 5 after she saw the movie Chicken Run, but then the only meat she allowed back into her diet shortly thereafter was, oddly, chicken.)

Tamale Pie 

Another favorite...

Spinach Soup

Emily loved this cream of spinach soup and Lisa was just so glad because it had spinach.

Jam Filled Muffins 

On several occasions Emily got up on a weekend morning and made these muffins, they smelled amazing. 

Blintz Soufle 

We have this dish every year when we break fast with friends at Yom Kippur. Emily loved it and asked if we could have it other times of the year, but that only happened a couple of times—usually it got saved for the special occasion.

Lemon Squares 

This was one of Emily's favorite things to make and bring to share.


Thunder Cake 

Chocolate cake made with tomatoes. A recipe from a favorite children's book with the same title.

Rice Krispies Treat “Cake”

This was our go-to birthday cake for Emily since she was about 15 and no longer wanted to regular cake...


Sahana's Apple Crisp Recipe

Sahana made this for a pot luck dinner party at our house and Emily loved it.


Ted's Waffles

These are Ted's famouse waffles.

Spicy Chocolate Morsels

Emily learned how to make these at a cooking class...

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